Our Process

How we would work together

Below is an outline of how things generally work once you've decided to approach us with your web design needs.


Your website description is delivered to us via Web Compare or through our own website. We do ask that you provide us with enough clarity regarding plans for your website. Otherwise, if you are not sure where to begin, we’ll ask a few questions to give us an idea regarding your ‘vision’ for the project.


We send through an estimate according to your requirements. If you are happy with the estimate and wish to move forward, we’ll send through a link to our questionnaire, which will provide our developers with a more in-depth understanding of what you have in mind for your website.


Once we are happy and see that the questionnaire matches the estimate, we’ll send you the invoice along with the website design contract (more on this in a bit). If we find that you opted for something extra that wasn’t mentioned – for example, you’re keen on a logo to be designed – we’ll add it to the estimate and send it through again for approval.


We require 50% of the invoice amount to be deposited before work may begin on a project. Along with the invoice, we would like you to sign the website design contract and initial each page. Once you’ve done that, you send it through, we sign as well, and then we send you the final copy for your records.


It takes about eight to ten (8-10) weeks for a website to be completed. This does depend on the size and nature of the project.

Note: All content and images should be provided by you unless otherwise agreed upon.


Once the project is complete, you receive two free rounds of revision. The developers open the website for the first round, and if you spot a few things that need to be changed, or maybe added, then this is the time to send them through. The developers will make the appropriate changes and open the site for round two. Here you may have a final peek and point out any last changes to be made.


When the revision is complete, the invoice is sent through for the final 50% to be deposited.
This isn’t goodbye though… If you need further development or need to add functionality in the future, we are here to help you with that.